LED Tape Tester (LTT)

Available to buy soon. An all in one LED installation tool to power your soldering iron, and flash up your LED tape as you install it. Reduce the amount of items you carry around. Improve the quality and efficiency of your work by testing in segments. Reduce costly driver damage by measuring the wattage actually consumed by your LED with the digital readout. Use as a demonstration aid to show your clients what a LED product is going to do before the piece is fully finished, no need for drivers and DMX/DALI sources etc.


  • Internal 6aH battery, charged by USB-C PD port or 2.1mm jack.
  • State of charge indicator.
  • 0-30V output, 0-5A current
  • 4mm Banana jack & Weipu SP21/5 output
  • Variable current limit, great for testing at safe current level.
  • 4 USB A sockets, supporting QC-3.0, for charging phones, and powering TS-80 soldering irons.
  • Compartment for storing charger, test leads, soldering kit etc.
  • Rugged genuine Peli 1150 case, in yellow so you can find it in the workshop.
  • Use it as a portable lab power supply for powering up or charging all kinds of electronics / battery powered devices. Great in an emergency !