LED Panel

LED Panel

This is the first prototype of our LED light panel. The design fulfils a brief from a customer to create a modular panel that can be used and reused as a backlighting system. The panel features a low weight and low profile design and an LED system with Red, Green, Blue, Cold White and Warm White colours to allow for the widest possible use case. We used ELDO drivers in this one to make use of their excellent Dim to Dark technology, which really have the best bottom end of the dimmer curve on the market. With 3 separate vertical control groups and 16bit dimming the fixture uses 30 DMX channels. It has an onboard power supply with Powercon True1 in and loop through.

There is a hanging system to allow the panels to be hung from each other quickly, and lateral clamps to keep a wall of them in line. We plan to make double height panels, and develop header frames to allow for a variety of different hanging and mounting situations.

We hope that products like this will reduce the need and wastage created by making a new lightbox every time a window needs to be backlit. It is also very easy to fit diffusion, making them a really good CCT adjustable light source for filming.

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