Moments of Silence

September saw the opening of several new galleries at the Imperial War Museum London, including “Moments of Silence” created by 59 Productions. We provided full lighting design and installation services for the gallery, including cove lighting, emergency lighting and our main feature: the “Light Room” surrounded on all sides by light boxes.

Five Telegrams

We were pleased to design and provide 250 tiny light sources with a comprehensive battery kit for the opening event of the Edinburgh International Festival “Five Telegrams” created by Anna Meredith and 59 Productions.

The lights fit into the palm of a performers hand are are operated by a simple button. They are programmable – here we created a simple fading effect when the button was operated.

The source is a tiny 3000K LED which kicks out some serious light.

These sources are in our hire stock for all sorts of uses – whether in the palm of a performer’s hand or integrated into a prop or set-piece. They can be programmed to integrate with sensors, buttons or other inputs.

Click here to see the official video of the performance, in which you can see our lights in action!




LED Rainbow Shelving and Plinth

Electric Foundry provided custom LED design and build services for this event. We created rainbow scrolling LED shelving plus a plinth with multiple modes and effects, controllable from the client’s phone.

Top spec high brightness LED tape in deep extrusion meant no spotting and ultimate quality of light from the LED strips. Ideal for this clean and stylish corporate event.



This month we have been working on logic boards for an interactive museum game, a set lined with LED pixels, a light-up laptop and a bar tending robot.