Rays of Light – by Tony Simpson

“Rays of Light” is a collaboration between Electric Foundry and Lighting Designer Tony Simpson. The installation featured in the 21-22 Christmas at Stourhead by Culture Creative.

Tony worked at Electric Foundry HQ to create and sync content to the soundtrack that he had commissioned.

Featuring a new product for EF, 64 pixel 1M long bars of RGBW light mounted to unistrut. Each unistrut structure was 36 meters long, rising 1.5m over it’s length. The picture was completed with 3m verticals. At nearly 15,000 pixels a Madrix media server was required to control the installation, and proved to provide reliable playback during the shows continuous nightly operation during November and December.

On site lighting programmer Paul Milford added further lighting elements from Ayrton Perseos to complete the picture, involving the whole landscape in the action.

The resulting work was a visual feast and provided some Christmas cheer for the many thousands of visitors to the trail.