Below is a list of some of the services we have offered our clients. If you have something that you are struggling to find a solution too, please drop us a line and we could be able to help you. 02034114193

  • Turnkey set electrics – from design to installation, theatre, exhibition, conference we have supplied custom LED illumination, fixtures and control. If it lights up or probably should, it’s got our name on it. Pixel tape to pendant fittings and all the bits inbetween.
  • LED Driver & Control systems hire – we have a range of items in hire stock to reduce waste on your short to medium term projects.
  • Systems and control – We have provided logic and input based control systems for things like escape rooms, interactive displays and visitors experiences. Control of lighting, sound and visual systems are all possible with a variety of inputs.
  • Operations monitoring equipment. We have designed and manufactured equipment to remotely monitor power consumption and demand across temporary supplies, with logging facilities.
  • Project management of special lighting installations
  • Metal fabrication
  • Laser/ Plasma / CNC / Weld / 3D Design&Print
  • Cable assembly.